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Materialists are pushing their message of exploitation with modern media technology.  To compete with them, we also need to use current technology.  Thus, we have built LOK.STUDIO.  We need equipment.  Our funds are finished.  Please help.

I was engaged to do an online kirtan for a festival for the Temple of Vedic Planitarium (TOVP).  Our kirtan was broadcast onto a giant video screen.  I’m glad we have the excellent acoustic space of LOK.STUDIO.  But LOK.STUDIO is designed to do more than just a simple live stream from my cell phone.

“You are in Pandharpur?”

“Yes, Gurumaharaja.”

“Pandharpur is known for chanting.  Nada Brahma. The glories of the Holy Name have been chanted by all the saints of Maharashtra.  Especially Tukarama and so many others.  So, you are rightly situated.  There, the glories of the Holy Name are broadcasted.  And Vitthala is associated with the Holy Names.  Panduranga, Panduranga.”     

–  H.H. Lokanath Swami Maharaja’s instruction to Sri Krishna Chaitanya Swami during Japa Talk dated May 8, 2022, Jahnu Saptami

The construction is almost done, however, we have run out of funds.  With your help, we will purchase; cables, LAN system, mixers, a computer interface, microphones, audio rack equipment including preamplifiers, compressors, and equalizers, headphone amplifiers, cameras, a video switcher, a video monitor, a teleprompter, camera tripods, a camera slider, and lights. 

Please help us by donating.  Here is a list of the items we need.  You can specify a specific item to donate – wholly or partially – or you can give a general donation and we will use it where it is most needed.  Your name will be added to the “Wall of Devotion” outside the studio.  A special fire yajna with you as one of the benecificiaries will be performed here in Sri Pandharpur Dhama.  Please donate today!

“I am looking forward to LOK.STUDIO being ready. I have plans for projects that I want to do – new kirtan CDs, recording my books, ISKCON Kirtan Ministry educational materials, and more. LOK.STUDIO will help me achieve my vision for propagating Krishna consciousness worldwide.”

– H.H. Lokanath Swami

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  1. Click on ”Donate Now”
  2. Chose the amount you want to donate
  3. Click “Continue”
  4. Fill out the form
  5. Click “Agree to Terms”
  6. Click “Donate Now” 
  7. Choose “Paypal” or “Debit or Credit Card”


  1. Нажмите “Пожертвовать сейчас”
  2. Выберите сумму, которую хотите пожертвовать
  3. Нажмите «Продолжить».
  4. Заполните форму
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  6. Нажмите «Пожертвовать сейчас»
  7. Выберите «Paypal» или «дебетовую или кредитную карту».

Please get in touch with HG Svarup Anand Prabhu to confirm that your donation has been received.  

Phone / Whatsapp:  +91 98992 40558


Direct Payment to Account in USA:

Name of the account – Lok Media & Web Services,          Account Type – Business Checking                                    Bank Name – Wells Fargo                                                    Account Number – 349745750                                             Routing # 051400549

Direct Payment to Account in India

Account name- ISKCON
AC NO- 921010007352840
BANK – Axis Bank
IFSC – UTIB0001258
Branch – Pandharpur



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