Hare Krishna!  Welcome to LOK.MEDIA Monday Vol. 5.  In this issue, we share the latest developments in ISKCON Pandharpur, our preaching activities, website, and LOK.STUDIO.


LOK.STUDIO:  Maharashtra is the number one COVID hotspot in the world.  For safety sake, we have sent our carpenters home until the current full lockdown is over.  Before they left, they built our custom ceiling tiles, which next need to be filled with polyester batting, and fitted into our ceiling grid.  We painted the interior of the studio a nice indigo blue, and outside a bright magnolia.  Amit Prabhu, our site supervisor and I began work on planning our wiring – electrical, data, and audio.  We are working to complete the wiring planning over the course of the next  week or so.  We have incorporated Aputure MC RGB lights into H.H. Lokanath Swami Maharaja’s online japa presentations, lighting up Tulasi devi in a variety of colored hues.  Shopping is going on to upgrade Jagannath Prabhu’s laptop with a new hard drive and additional RAM.  We are also shopping for a teleprompter and planning a new internet infrastructure.


Sanyasa Video:   We joined hands with HG Anant Vrindavan Prabhu, one of ISKCON’s premier creatives, who is helping us with the creative concepts and editing of the condensed version (6 and ½ minutes) of the Sri Krishna Chaitanya Swami sannyasa video.  We are planning for a version suitable for distribution to both devotees and non-devotees.  We shot additional B Roll sequences with Ajit Prabhu from LOK.ARCHIVES of the Chandrabhaga River, and additional scenes around ISKCON Pandharpur.


LOK.MEDIA website:  Information about Sri Krishna Caitanya Swami’s Sannyasa is on our homepage:  https://lok.studio/We have booked a new web domain, skcswami.com and plan to shift all of the media about the sannyasa to this new domain.  Meetings are going on to plan how to develop this new website, soon to be under construction.


Guru Dakshina is being collected here:  https://lok.studio/donation/  Please donate to support our efforts.