Butterfly Doors

Window Glass plan

Feb. 22, 2021:  Our three Carpenters, headed up by Bhakta Sujit are hard at work making and installing door and window frames.  We are planning Butterfly Doors, which means two doors on 1 frame.  One door opens outwards and one door opens inwards.  Each door is in excess of 330 pounds!  Heavy!  The window frames are teakwood.  We are planning double glass.  Each window will have a 20 mm glass and a 24 mm glass, with the mercy of Lord Krishna.  Our studio designer, John H. Brandt is always just a whatsapp message away.  I send him photos every day and he guides us.

Doorway is covered in rubber before frame.

Frame By Frame

3 Carpenters – Bhakta Sujit wearing Dhoti after Visiting Pandharpur.