Fri, Feb. 12, 2021. Raju Prabhu’s team from Solapur brought the metal stands and installed them to support our acoustic baffle boxes.  The baffle boxes are our studio designer John H. Brandt’s special sauce to create an air conditioning system that is so silent that you can record even when the air conditioner is continuously running.  We installed the fan control units (FCU).  Custom steel trunks were made to split the AC sends and returns into 4 ducts per room.  On touring our godown and seeing the Air Conditioner diffusers, H.H. Lokanath Swami was quite impressed with the AC system.  We are planning to put up an Armstrong 24 mm ceiling suspension system in a few days.  After that, we look forward to the final phase of the AC installation.

H.H. Lokanath Swami Visits LOK.STUDIO site.

Baffle Box Stands

Metal Stands to Support Baffle Box Noise Reduction for AC System.