Hare Krishna!  Welcome to LOK.MEDIA Monday Vol. 4.  In this issue, we share the latest developments in our preaching activities, website, and LOK.STUDIO.


LOK.STUDIO:  We have purchased a professional light and light dome.  H.H. Lokanath Swami Maharaja is using this light for his morning japa sessions and japa talks.  For the first time, viewers online have a clear darshan of all the transcendental features of Maharaja’s face, especially his beautiful, soft and compassionate eyes.  We have started painting the studio.  Work is in progress on the electricity and wiring.  

Sannyasa Video:  We uploaded the live video feed of Sri Krishna Caitanya Swmai’s Sannyasa Initiation here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz_ouNQSGPY

Nice to see devotees are taking interest.  We have 13,302 views.   We are in the process of uploading high resolution files and pictures of the event.  We are producing a 7 minute condensed version of the video entitled “The Matchless Gift”.  We plan to have this ready next week.  

 LOK.MEDIA website:  Information about Sri Krishna Caitanya Swami’s Sannyasa is on our homepage:  https://lok.studio/

 Guru Dakshina is being collected here:  https://lok.studio/donation/