Welcome to LOK.MEDIA MONDAY! We plan to offer you the latest news from LOK.MEDA every Monday.

LOK.MEDIA: We worked on our website. We added a photo gallery, and added a new blog template. We made several blog entries. We started a new blog category, “LOK.NECTAR” for Krishna conscious topics as inspired by my personal association with H.H. Lokanath Swami Maharaja. I have been with Maharaja continuously for the past year and I feel that this is a good opportunity to keep an account of some of Maharaja’s nectarian instructions.

We have begun work on a 16 page article for Back to Godhead Magazine on the Glories of Sri Pandharpur Dhama. Today, Dinesh Prabhu, a professional photographer arrived in Pandharpur to begin three days of shooting for the article.

Yesterday, H.H. Lokanath Maharaja requested me to prepare a short video giving a tour of Sri Pandharpur Dhama. Taking help of Bhakta Amit Prabhu and Bhakta Dhaval Prabhu, we got some beautiful footage. We premiered it online during Maharaja’s presentation on Zoom to the congregation of ISKCON Bergen County, New Jersey, USA.

LOK.STUDIO: This week, our team of three carpenters were hard at work. They put in two window frames designed to accommodate double glass windows. The butterfly doors (2 doors in one door frame), are hung in their frames. We constructed a shed to protect our Air Conditioning System.

This coming week we are looking forward to the visit of HG Sri Krishna Bhajan Prabhu from Pune who will help oversee the wiring for the AC system, as well as starting the next and final phase of the AC installation, which we plan to complete by March 14. Carpenters will continue their work by applying veneer to the doors, and completing the third and last window frame.