LOK MEDIA MONDAY VOL. 3 – March 22, 2021

Hare Krishna!  Welcome to LOK.MEDIA Monday Vol. 3. 

In this issue, we share the latest developments in our sannyasa celebration plans, website, and LOK.STUDIO.

LOK.MEDIA website:  We have created a dedicated page to my upcoming sannyasa celebration.  All updates, online links, schedule, etc will be there, with the mercy of Lord Krishna.  You can visit here:  https://lok.studio/sannyasa/

Blog:  “You wanted to come here…”  To this material world…  I have started a new blog series called, “TEACHINGS OF LOKANATH SWAMI”.  As I am staying with Gurumaharaja for the past one year, I am fortunate to receive many personal instructions from him.  I am utilizing this blog as an opportunity to share those teachings.  You can read the blog here:  https://lok.studio/you-wanted-to-come-to-the-material-world/

LOK.STUDIO:  Phase 2 of the AC installation took place over 3 days time.  8 AC diffusers were placed in the studio, connected to Flex Duct, Sound Reducing Baffle Boxes, and the Fan Control Units (FCU).  Baffle Boxes were inspected and corrections made.  Now researching the Isolation Required for different thicknesses of glass for the windows.  We are planning to purchase glass tomorrow.  Situation is a little tense as there is another potential lockdown coming up as Maharashtra has 60% of COVID cases in India.  With the mercy of Lord Krishna, the AC wallas will be able to come back next week and finish the AC installation.

I added some photos of a studio tour that Gurumaharaja and I did this week together. https://lok.studio/ac-installation-part-ii/